What are contactless mobile tickets?

Contactless mobile tickets are tickets that you add to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app or use as a PDF through your email or text messages.  They are like traditional event tickets but are easier to use and more secure.

How do contactless mobile tickets work?

You will receive one email with one link per event. All tickets for the same event will be in one link. For example, if you purchased four tickets, all four tickets will be in one link.

The ticket that is sent to you is a valid ticket. Make sure you protect it like you would any other ticket. Each ticket contains a unique barcode that is scanned at the event. a. If any copies are made of the ticket, only the first scan of the barcode will be allowed entry.

If a unique barcode has already been scanned, the attendant will be alerted, and entry will not be permitted.

What are the advantages of contactless mobile tickets?

Mobile Tickets are convenient to use. You can add the ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app or use as a PDF on your smartphone and easily access it when you arrive at the event. iPhone users will see a lock screen notification, ‘tap’ the notification, and present your ticket.

Are contactless mobile tickets the same as a printed ticket?

Each mobile ticket should be treated like any other valid ticket. Mobile tickets are individually scanned allowing one scan per entry. Any attempts to duplicate, alter, or sell copies of the mobile tickets may result in being refused admission to the event. This provides heightened security by identifying counterfeit and stolen tickets.

How do I get contactless mobile tickets?

Mobile Tickets are emailed or sent by text to you. You can also access your tickets by logging in to your account. If you are using an Android smartphone, Google Pay must be your default wallet.

How do I use contactless mobile tickets?

Using your Mobile Tickets on your smartphone is as simple as setting up Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone. Once complete, add Mobile Tickets to your wallet. Tap the link to add your tickets to your mobile wallet as soon as you receive the email or text to be notified of important information from the venue or change in start time of the event.

Alternatively, you can access your mobile tickets via the link from your purchase confirmation email, text message or via your account at http://sbctr.co/ticketatlantic. These will appear as a PDF in your email or text message.

Why have I not received my contactless mobile tickets?

Your tickets will also be delivered via a link in an email. If your email has not arrived:

  • Make sure you have used the correct email address.
  • Check your junk mail folder.
  • Make sure that your spam guard and junk mail settings allow you to receive emails with attachments.
  • Be sure to add our email address, ticketing@ticketatlantic.com to your list of trusted email addresses. Please set your email to accept attachments.
  • Please allow at least one hour for your email to arrive.

Alternatively, your tickets will also be available in your account after the purchase has been completed. Login to your account and add the tickets to your mobile wallet!