I wanted tickets for a show, but they sold out quicker than I expected – what happened?

All ticket assignments are based on best available. Our ticketing system chooses the best available seats for the chosen price level at the time of purchase. In order to increase your chances for seats that are in high demand, it is best to purchase tickets when they first go on sale.

Some events are extremely popular, and when tickets go on sale there can be hundreds or thousands of people all trying to purchase tickets at the same time. If 500 fans are simultaneously buying only two tickets each, 1000 tickets can be sold in a matter of seconds causing the show to sell out in a matter of minutes!

Why does ticket availability sometimes change? If more seats become available, can I exchange the tickets I already have?

Occasionally, tickets become available as the event date approaches once stage configurations are set. From time to time, an event can be so popular that seats with side-stage views are released for sale by the event organizer.

Pricing is also subject to change  - up or down - at the discretion of the promoter. 

As with all Ticket Atlantic sales, there are no exchanges, cancellations or refunds.

I purchased "General Admission" tickets - what does this mean?

General admission means there are no assigned seats; it is ‘first come, first serve’. Some events are also standing room only with general admission. Please check the event’s information page for details on the type of seating.

I purchased tickets from someone other than a Ticket Atlantic agent – are they valid?

The only way to be certain that tickets are legitimate is to purchase through official Ticket Atlantic points-of-sale. Ticket ‘scalpers’ or brokers are not recognized ticketing agents of Ticket Atlantic. If you purchase tickets from a non-authorized agent, your tickets may not be valid and you may be refused admittance to the event. If you're not sure you're purchasing through an authorized ticketing provider, please feel free to contact us.

Why is there a ticket limit when I try to buy for certain events?

When purchasing tickets for most events, you are limited to a specified number of tickets allowed for each transaction. This amount, if applicable, is included on the event’s information page. This specific number is determined by the event organizer and Ticket Atlantic and is in effect to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Ticket limits vary, depending on the event or the anticipated demand for the event.

Is there a shopping time limit when I purchase online?

Yes. When you choose tickets for purchase, you are reserving those seats and "holding" real inventory. No other customer can purchase those tickets unless you do not complete the transaction. Ticket Atlantic implements the time limit, usually 8 minutes (subject to change), giving every interested customer a fair chance to purchase tickets. This time starts after seats are chosen – you will see the clock in the red bar near the top centre of the screen. If this time expires before you have completed your transaction, your seats will be returned to the general inventory for sale. Please note that a slow internet connection may slow your process

I bought tickets for an event that has been cancelled, do I get a refund?

Yes, if the promoter cancels their show, you will be issued a full refund to the same payment method as purchase. Contact Ticket Atlantic at ticketing@ticketatlantic.com for assistance. Please note that opening acts and guests of the artist are subject to change therefore refunds are not available if the opening act /guest cancels or changes.

I no longer want / need the tickets I have purchased, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your event and seat selection. Policies by Ticket Atlantic and the event organizers, prohibit issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased.